Someone feeling down? Enter their full name here to automatically compliment them:

Auto Complimenter

Someone feeling down? Enter their full name here to automatically compliment them:

See sample peoples compliments: Tara Walters | Joel Gross | Mother | Father | Boss

Automatic Compliments Tool

Background on the automatic complimenter tool - not necessary to read unless you are bored.

The automatic complimenter tool is completely free and fun to use. Just enter the name of someone who needs to hear compliments and click Submit. On the next page on the right hand side copy the link that is generated and email it to that person. When they click them on the link, it will take them straight to a personalized compliments page that addresses them by name. When they click on "Click Here to be Complimented", they will receive as many compliments as they want. The compliments are nongender specific so they can be used as compliments for girls or as compliments for boys.

The automatic complimenter tool was built using a combination of Javascript and PHP. When you enter someone's name in the form and click submit, that triggers PHP code that removes all non-alphanumeric characters and capitalizes the first letter of each word. The PHP code in the complimenter then passes the name via the GET method to the actual code for getting complimented. When you click on the "Get Complimented" button on the page, it triggers Javascript code that pulls compliments randomly from an array and uses the CreateElement function to insert them into a div.

This application took a total time of about 3 hours last night to build and was a cute exercise of some of my coding techniques. Actual client projects are built by my full time professional programmer and full time professional web designer - I handle the marketing & SEO work Coalition Technologies. I promise your application with us will be much prettier :)

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